Deep Rooted

As quickly as you entered my life, you disappeared.

Your love was like a natural high, now I find myself crashing and burning.

You planted hope and desire in me, but failed to feed and nurture me, so now my hopes and desires are withering away like my love for you.

Though your roots run deep within me, I find myself branching out; exploring new life and depositing my own seeds in others who were once like me.... ALONE.

Jilted by Love

Heart is fragile;

Belief is tattered.

Soul is tarnished;

Taste of love has turned sour in my mouth.

You've done me wrong;
I preten to be strong, but it's all a facade.

Without You

Without You

The undying urge to harm myself will not subside.

My heart and soul are in shambles.

My life and my love have been devoted soley to you; often times going without so that you do not.

Learning now that you may leave sends my heart into a tailspin.

Fear of how I will survive without you haunts me deeply.

The loss of control I will have once you are gone will be debilitating to say the least.

Intro to Therapy

Intro to Therapy

By: Riotgrrrlaz

            Sitting, waiting, she can’t help but fidget in her seat.

            Scared and anxious she exaggerates the scenario in her mind.

            She contemplates leaving, but then thinks about how unsettled she would feel if she were to leave without knowing her diagnosis.

            Staring at her feet and chewing on her fingernails she focuses on nothing but the sound of the ticking clock…TICK TOCK TICK TOCK.

            Fear rises up into her throat and her stomach begins to churn. What if she is unable to articulate her thoughts and emotions clearly?  What if her in articulation results in an incorrect diagnosis?

            Slowly and clearly her name is called.  It is from this moment on that the remainder of her visit transpires as if it is in slow motion.

            Walking ever so slowly down the narrow hallway she reminds herself to place one foot in front of the other with each step that she takes.

            She is focused now on her breathing techniques…INHALE…EXHALE. She speaks to her body, “slow down…stop shaking” and reminds herself to show no fear.

            Entering the room she is immediately calmed as the smell of lemongrass tickles her nose. “Please sit,” says the doctor. “Let’s begin with why you are here…”  She takes a deep breath as if she were diving into a pool of water.  “I have lost myself and need help getting back on track.”          

            The doctor smiles and simply says, “Let’s begin this journey together. Are you ready to knock down some walls?”  She responds with a resounding, “Hell Yeah!”

Where Does the Time Go?

Can it really be that we are already half-way through the month of January? Where does the time go? I know they say that time seems to go faster as you get older, but Damn! Really? I am already crafting Valentine cards and other goodies for my etsy shop...this is insane!

So how many of you out there have 1) made new year's resolutions and 2) already broken your resolutions?

I was smart this year and did not make any resolutions. I figured what's the point? I never follow through anyways and then I just end up feeling guilty about my lack of follow through and feel disappointed with myself. Why should I bother to put myself through all of that crap? LOL!  Anyways...even though I did not make any resolutions this year, I am interested in hearing about what resolutions others have made. Drop by and let me know what goals you have set for yourself this year and how its going thus far.

Green Day Concert Review

Arizona...summer...95°...Hot weather and hot show!

While the boys of AFI put on a good musical performance with crowd pleasing favorites such as ' Silver and Cold' and 'Mrs. Murder' they were lacking in entertainment value and had difficulty keeping the crowd engaged. Quite the opposite can be said for the energetic trio known as Green Day.

From the moment the familiar tune of 'American Eulogy' began to play and the lights came on the crowd could not be tamed. The boys of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool, and Mike Dirnt were clearly on a mission to rock our world from the minute they hit the stage. Twenty-two years of ass kicking punk rock has done these boys well...and the fact that a new song 'Cigarrettes and Valentine' was introduced into the set gives avid Green Day fans comfort that these bad ass rockers do not intend on quitting any time soon.

The boys of Green Day played a handful of songs off the 21st Century Breakdown album, as well as songs from the much loved American Idiot album, along with classics such as ' Burn Out,' ' Longview,' She,' King for a Day,' and '2000 Light Years Away.'

Green Day never ceases to amaze their fans and last nights performance was no exception. Highlights of the show include front man Billie Joe calling up a 5 year old boy up on stage to be "saved," two separate young men being called on stage to play guitar with the band and Billie Joe inviting "everyone" on stage for dancing and singing during the performance of ' Holiday.'

Looking among the crowd it was clear that there were young children, teens, young adults, and older adults in attendance. I spoke to several parents who were in attendance with their children and children who wee there with their is wonderful to see a band bring together so many different generations of people through their love of music.

Green Day performed for a good 3 hours in the blazing heat of Arizona and for that we ought to say "Thank You!" These boys are true rock stars who know how to make their fans feel like royalty. Their showmanship and energy cannot be described in words...only through the sounds of screams which echoed through the Pavillion before, during,and after their performance.

Whether they are belting out familiar tunes, exposing their fans to new tunes, or performing amazing renditions of cover songs from the Beatles, these punk rock boys have a way with words, riffs, and beats that can only be summarized as "ho(t) as hell!"

photo ©copyrighted by Riotgrrrlaz 2010

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Little Grrrl Lost & Found Zine Review

My zines were recently reviewed by Helen at Bookwormers New and Used Book Exchange (

Little Grrrl Lost & Found Zine Review

August 2010

Mmmm what’s a zine, quickly better look that one up on Google, got to write a review for one.... well that was my first introduction to the world of zines and luckily for me Little Grrrl Lost & Found was no disappointment and a great place to start!

When you buy these zines you are receiving about 20 pages of inspired genius. They are just oozing creativeness, are very well written, filled with great topics, interesting facts, creative writing (poems and short stories) and all sorts of other bits and bobs.

To give you an idea of what to expect in these zines here are a couple of things that I particularly enjoyed....

Issue no.6 has a wonderful article about The Flapper Revolution which I didn’t know anything about. It’s seems quite disappointing that we don’t know about these strong and passionate women who have paved the way for gender equality and women’s rights. So now with this new information I am reminded to go forth with the renewed inspiration to show those boys what us ladies are really made of!

Another part I enjoyed was in Issue no.5’s creative writing section. The author’s challenge was to Write about why you think or don’t think that each of us is responsible for our own happiness.

A part of her article explained how she began to overcome negative thoughts by carrying around a notebook and writing her negative thoughts down....then replaced these with a positive thought. Brilliant if you ask me!

The biggest thing that hit me when I read these is that they are more than just the author’s ‘work’. To me they seem to be a form of inspiration, a form of therapy, something that would inspire you to really do something to help yourself, whether it’s just reading for the love of it or giving you the push start that you may need to take action.

So if you are looking for a quick, easy and inspirational read then I highly recommend the Little Grrrl Lost & Found zines.


Review by Helen